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1897 -1898 School Year Attendance Sheet for Tillie Glaser

"Ah me! those joyous days are gone!
I litlle dreamt till they had flown.
How fleeting were the Hours."

Name Tillie Glaser

Days Present 154 Days Absent 6

Pleasant Valley School
Dist. 35, Salem Twp., Sedgwick…

Pleasant Valley School Class<br /><br />
October 1905
A class at the Pleasant Valley School in October 1905. The school was a county school until 1946 when the county schools closed.

Spring Creek School students<br /><br />
March 1917
Students at Spring Creek school around March 1917

Students of Star School<br /><br />
June 4, 1915
Students of Star School on the last day of school June 4, 1915.
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