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276 Chris and Harold Mohr 1920s Maurine Holt.jpg
Chris Mohr (in the wagon) and Harold Mohr (in the loft) in the 1920s. The barn had three grain rooms. The center room was hidden until the grain was used in the outer rooms.

161 Chris Mohr 1920s Maurine Holt.jpg
Chris Mohr (on the right) and an unknown male in the 1920s.

349 Mohr farm March 1913 Maurine Holt.jpg
After 1911 Chris Mohr purchased a farm located on 87th Street and moved from the farm on 95th Street.

282 Mohr Brothers and their wives 1910s Maruine Holt.jpg
The Mohr brothers and their wives in the 1910s.

Left to right: Blanche and Simon Mohr; Ola and Bert Mohr; and Mayme and Chris Mohr

281 Mohr Brothers 1910s Maruine Holt .jpg
The Mohr brothers in the 1910s

Left to right: Albertus "Bert" Mohr, Chris Mohr, and Simon Mohr

157 Mohr family 1910 Maurine Holt.jpg
Family photo of the Mohr family circa 1910 at the house at 95th and Rock.

Left to right: Harold Mohr, Chris Mohr, Glen Mohr, Mayme Mohr, and Merle Mohr

153 1916 Hudson postcard photo Maurine Holt.jpg
1916 Hudson automobile owned by Chris Mohr

Back of the postcard (left side):

Wish you a Marry Xmas & a Happy New Year -
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simonsen
R. #1

(right side):

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mohr

37 Mohr family and corn husker on farm postcard photo 1913 Maurine Holt.jpg
The Mohr family in 1913 with their cornhusker.

From left to right: Chris Mohr, Merle Mohr, Harold Mohr, Glen Mohr, unknown man, and Mayme Mohr.

273 Chris and Mayme Mohr 1900 Maurine Holt.jpg
Chris Mohr and Mayme Schlender married on January 3, 1900 at high noon in Moundridge, Kansas and made their home in Derby, Kansas.

158 Chris and Mayme Mohr and Angie and Charlie McBee 1901 Maurine Holt.jpg
Chris and Angie were siblings and Angie's name was actually Evangeline.

Back row:
Chris Mohr and his wife Mayme

Front row:
Angie Mohr McBee with her husband
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