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256 Lyle and Laura Cherry 1920 Genev Reed.jpg
Lyle and Laura Cherry on the Cherry family farm in 1920 with the corn bin in the background.

254 Front porch of new house 1920 Genev Reed.jpg
The Cherry family on the front porch of their new house in 1920. Back row (left to right): Lyle and Laura Cherry; Front row (left to right): Kenneth and Arlene Cherry.

248 Unknown person Robert Alex Cherry Unknown person Laura Woodman Cherry and Unknown person 1919 Genev Reed.jpg
A group of people at the Cherry farm in 1919. Robert Alexander Cherry is the second from the left and his daughter-in-law Laura (Woodman) Cherry is the second from the right.

247 Neighborhood farm women club 1919 Genev Reed.jpg
The neighborhood farm women would get together and have a picnic at the Cherry family farm. The get togethers stopped about two years ago (2016).

In the photo taken in 1919 they were dressing up for fun. Ada Cherry is on the far left; Dorothy…
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