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160 Harold Mohr 1920 Maurine Holt.jpg
Harold Mohr riding a horse-drawn plow in the 1920s.

47 Lela Mohr on horse 1928 Maurine Holt.jpg
Lela Mohr on her favorite horse at home on the farm in 1928.

256 Lyle and Laura Cherry 1920 Genev Reed.jpg
Lyle and Laura Cherry on the Cherry family farm in 1920 with the corn bin in the background.

288 Roman Rau on haywagon with horses late 1930s Greg Rau.jpg
Roman Rau standing on top of a horse-drawn wagon full of hay on his farm in the late 1930s.

243 Hay Cherry Ranch 1919 Genev Reed.jpg
Farmers working on stacking hay on the Cherry farm circa 1919.

131A Young William pony 1920s Beverly Coover.jpg
William Hamilton in 1st grade circa 1922. He rode his horse Dinkum to school and the school yard had a horse barn for the animals while kids were in school.
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