Biographical Sketch of the Life of Albert Minnich

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Biographical Sketch of the Life of Albert Minnich


Derby Dispatch


Derby Dispatch
Derby, KS
Feb. 8, 1890
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Biographical Sketch of the Life of Albert Minnich

Few men in this section are more widely or favorably known than the subject of this sketch, Mr. A. Minnich.
Born in Trenton, Tuscarawas county, Ohio, March 29, 1842, the son of a prosperous merchant (Mr. Jno. Minnich, Sr.) he early inbibed a taste for merchant le pursuits, and the age when most boys are engaged with their marbles, tops, etc., found him behind his father's counter in the capacity of clerk, and, in due course of time, as the Book-keeper for the firm of Minnich & Sons, his father being senior member of the firm, as well as one of the oldest settlers of the Tuscarawas Valley. In 1862 Mr. A. Minnich was united in marriage to Miss Hannah Tucker, and in 1871, with his family, he moved to Derby (then called El Paso,) where he and his brother, John H. Minnich, erected the first store building and opened a full and complete general stock of goods. Later, his brother, J. H., withdrew and Albert continued as sole proprietor of one of the most successful stores of the county. In 1884 Mr. Minnich found his business had increased so as to compel him to provide more room, in consequence of which, he erected, just north of the old site, one of the finest store rooms in the county, where he is still conducting a large and prosperous business.
When Mr. Minnich began business in Derby (then El Paso,) Newton was the nearest Railroad station. Wichita being only a small village of a few small houses, and as El Paso was only a stage station and a little trading post on the old trail, much might be said concerning the struggles incident to those early times, but space will not permit. Although Mr. Minnich may be considered a very conservative man, he is ever found among the foremost in all matters touching the progress and upbuilding of his community, while his hand is alway, wide open to every worthy charity. In politics he is an uncompromising Republican - from principle, not merely from impulse - always taking an active part in local politics. For many years he held the office of Justice of the Peace, and to his honor, it is said that he succeeded in settling, by arbitration or compromise, far more cases than were brought to trial before him.
On the 5th day of Jan., 1888, Mr. Minnich was stricken with paralysis, effecting his right side, and rendering him speechless, since which sad event his business has been under the management of his son, Bert Minnich. In his sad afflict on Mr. Minnich is surrounded by a loving family consisting of a wife, one son and three daughters. As his mind is perfectly clear, and his memory good, nothing pleases him better than a visit from his old friends. He enjoys their conversation quite as well as ever, and through the members of his family (who understand him quite well) he is able to express himself quite fully. He still supervises, in a general way, his business.


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