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386A Springcreek School March 1917 Wehrman.jpg
Students at Spring Creek school around March 1917

383A Kate Wardell September 1917 Wehrman.jpg
Kate Wardell just before she left for Missouri in September 1917.

381A Wilbur Shinn on horse and buggy 1915 Wehrman.jpg
Wilbur Shinn with horses and a wagon on his homestead in November 1915.

380A Wilbur Shinn homstead 1915 Wehrman.jpg
The homestead of Wilbur Shinn in November 1915.

349 Mohr farm March 1913 Maurine Holt.jpg
After 1911 Chris Mohr purchased a farm located on 87th Street and moved from the farm on 95th Street.

282 Mohr Brothers and their wives 1910s Maruine Holt.jpg
The Mohr brothers and their wives in the 1910s.

Left to right: Blanche and Simon Mohr; Ola and Bert Mohr; and Mayme and Chris Mohr

263 Derby Boys Baseball Team 1911 Myron Schwartz.jpg
Walter Schwartz, the father of Myron Schwartz and Evelyn Schwartz Kersting, was on the team.

Back row (left to right): Oscar Yungmeyer, Floyd Duke, Thomas Frey, and Earl Duke

Middle row (left to right): Harold Miller, John Yungmeyer, and…
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