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10 John Lauber 1930s Mary Dameron.jpg
Posing with his 1929 Model A in the 1930s, John Lauber was a pharmacist in Deerfield for many years and came back to Derby to take care of his elderly parents.

1721 May Hobbs,Mary Pendell, Betty Hickey, Esther Pendell Derby KS 1935 Ivan Pendell.jpg
May Hobbs (sister of Esther), Mary Esther Pendell, Betty Hickey, and Esther Pendell standing in the Pendell family's front yard in 1935.

1715 Mary Pendell Fifth Grade Report Card 1929 -1930 Ivan Pendell.jpg
Report of
Mary Esther Pendell
Fifth Grade

Sedgwick County
District No. 6, Derby
Pearl Sawin
Year 1929 - 1930

The Home and School Should Work
Together for the Good of the Child.

C. R. Rankin,

1714 Elaine Pendell and Ivan Pendell 1930 Ivan Pendell.jpg
Siblings Elaine and Ivan Pendell in 1930.

Photo was in a scrapbook.

1713 Elaine Pendell 1930 Ivan Pendell.jpg
Elaine Pendell in 1930.

Photo was in a scrapbook.

1711 Ivan Pendell 1931 Ivan Pendell.jpg
Ivan Pendell in 1931.

1709 Ivan Mary Elaine Paul Pendell 1935 Ivan Pendell.jpg
The children of Dr. George Pendell and his wife Esther in 1935: (left to right) Ivan, Mary Esther, Elaine, and Paul.

Photo was in a scrapbook.

1708 Mary Pendell 1935 Ivan Pendell.jpg
Mary Esther Pendell in 1935.

Photo was in a scrapbook.

1707 Ivan Pendell 1933 Ivan Pendell.jpg
Ivan Pendell on his bicycle in 1933.

Photo was in a scrapbook.

1706 Esther Pendell 1933 Ivan Pendell.jpg
Esther Pendell in 1933.

Photo was in a scrapbook.
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