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253 Old Cherry house 1919 Genev Reed.jpg
The Cherry family home burnt down around 1928 due to a fire starting in the coal furnace in the basement. The farm is located at 95th and Woodlawn.

131 Mary Weston house 1917 Evelyn Kersting.jpg
Mary Weston's house was moved into town on Georgie. Possibly 420 N. Georgie

2 Gerteis-Lauber home 1909 Mary Dameron.jpg
Fred Gerteis built this home in 1874 and in 1909 Albert and Marie Lauber moved in. Marie Lauber and son John are standing in front of the house in 1909.

The Gerteis-Lauber home had three addresses during its lifetime (1874 - 1972): RR #2 (Rural…
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