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Alexander Garrett<br /><br />
circa September 1866
Alexander Garrett and family came to Rockford Township from Ottaway County, Kansas in March 1869 and homesteaded on 160 acres of land on Spring Creek. They lived in a dugout on the creek until their house was built. His family later purchased more…

Margaret Dickson Garrett<br /><br />
circa September 1866
Portrait of Margaret Dickson Garrett possibly taken in September 1866

Old Cowtown Museum description of photo on donation form - Studio portrait of Margaret Dickson Garrett Se is seated with her left forearm on a studio prop. Wearing a dark dress…

The Carlton Family<br /><br />
circa 1876
Franklin S. and Lucinda Carlton came to Sedgwick County in December 1871 initially purchasing 400 acres along the Arkansas River and by 1888 his land totaled 1,000 acres. They built a house located on Oliver between 47th and 55th on the west side.

The family of Christian Mohr<br /><br />
circa 1890s
Christian Mohr and his wife Mary moved from El Paso, Illinois to El Paso, Kansas in the early 1880s.

Back row: Christian "Chris" Mohr, Mary (Horn) Mohr, Katherine "Katie" (Mohr) Pond, and Albertus "Bert or Bertie" Mohr.

Front row: Evangeline…

Mock Family<br /><br />
circa 1896
Front row (left to right): Jacob David Mock and his wife Ann Elizabeth (Hitchcock) Mock.

Back row (left to right): Billie Mock, Sarah (Mock) Goodacre, Mahala (Mock) Baker, and Abe Mock.

Printout of original photo

Thomas D. &quot;T. D.&quot; Wardell<br /><br />
Former Mayor of El Paso<br /><br />
Member of the First City Council of El Paso/Derby<br /><br />
Hardware Merchant 1888 - 1931
Term as Mayor 1917 - 1921 Term as El Paso City Council Member At Large Jun. 1903 - Apr. 1905 Thomas D. Wardell came to El Paso around 1878 as a young man at age 20. Like many other people who arrived during El Paso’s early years, he came from…

Albert P. &quot;A. P.&quot; England<br /><br />
Former Mayor of El Paso
Term as Mayor Apr. 1905 - Apr. 1907

Dr. William E. &quot;W. E.&quot; Dixon<br /><br />
Member of the First City Council of El Paso/Derby<br /><br />
(photo circa 1906)
Term as El Paso City Council Member At Large Jun. 1903 - Apr. 1905

Albert Lauber and Marie Metzger<br /><br />
Sept. 22, 1907
Albert Lauber and Theresa Marie Metzger came to America from Germany. They entered through Ellis Island and were married there on September 22, 1907.

Albert came to the United States with Fred Gerteis and established residence in Derby in 1900. He…
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