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1916 Hudson
1916 Hudson automobile owned by Chris Mohr

Back of the postcard (left side):

Wish you a Marry Xmas & a Happy New Year -
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simonsen
R. #1

(right side):

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mohr

Glaser and Sargeant families <br /><br />
circa 1915
At Grandma & Grandpa Glaser's home on farm west of Derby.

Standing - Allie Sargeant

In Uncle Paul's car -
front seat - Paul Glaser and Albert Glaser
back seat - Ed Thoman (holding on to Ina Sargeant) and Roy Sargeant

Standing - Aunt Ora…

Merle and Harold Mohr<br /><br />
circa 1925
Merle Mohr sitting in his brother Harold Mohr’s car while Harold stands next to it in 1925.

John Lauber with his car<br /><br />
circa 1930s
Posing with his 1929 Model A in the 1930s, John Lauber was a pharmacist in Deerfield for many years and came back to Derby to take care of his elderly parents.

Merle Mohr and friends<br /><br />
circa 1935
A group of friends sitting on the running board of a car in 1935. Merle Mohr is the man on the far right.

William Hamilton and his father Frank Hamilton with their new car<br /><br />
circa 1935
William Hamilton and his father Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Hamilton, Sr with a new car in 1935.

Harold Mohr with his Hudson<br /><br />
circa 1930s
Harold Mohr with his Hudson car in the 1930s

Hudson <br /><br />
circa 1930s
The new Hudson for the Mohr family. It was purchased and the check cashed right before the banks closed due to the Depression.
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