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The Mohr Brothers<br /><br />
circa 1910
Glen, Merle, and Harold Mohr with their horse around 1910.

The Mohr Brothers with their horse and her colt<br /><br />
circa 1913
Glen, Merle, and Harold Mohr wth their horse and her colt on the Mohr farm around 1913.

Frankie Cherry &amp; Mrs. Bell<br /><br />
circa 1919
Frankie Cherry (left) and Mrs. Bell in 1919 on the Cherry farm.

Walter Schwartz and Anna Weston<br /><br />
circa 1912
Walter Schwartz and Anna Weston with a horse and buggy in 1912.

Lela Mohr on her favorite horse<br /><br />
circa 1928
Lela Mohr on her favorite horse at home on the farm in 1928.

William Hamilton and his horse<br /><br />
circa 1922
William Hamilton in 1st grade circa 1922. He rode his horse Dinkum to school and the school yard had a horse barn for the animals while kids were in school.

Lyle and Laura Cherry<br /><br />
circa 1920
Lyle and Laura Cherry on the Cherry family farm in 1920 with the corn bin in the background.

Horse and Buggy<br /><br />
circa 1900s or 1910s
Horse and buggy. The house in the background is the house next to the Dixon family. This house later became known as the Pendell house when Dr. Pendell and his family moved to Derby in 1928.

Photo is from page 12 of the Dixon family…
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