Your Community Show, 150 years of Derby (Derby Arts Council Show)


Your Community Show, 150 years of Derby (Derby Arts Council Show)


This first ever show blended professional artists, amateurs and youth in a competition for art awards. As of 2019 it was the largest show the Derby Arts Council had hosted since it began in November 2009. The art was available for viewing at the library in the Gathering Space Gallery, the High Wall Gallery and the display case in the Gathering Space. This show also included art hanging at Derby City Hall, the Council Chamber Room and the Welcome Center. (611 Mulberry Suites 200 and 300)

The show ran from March 18th through May 8th with 629 people attending the artists reception April 11th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Laine Pike and Sheila Wolfe, two local professional artists, juried the show and named the shows winners as listed below. Derby Arts Council gifted monetary awards for adult artists. Youth artist winners received Hobby Lobby gift cards and 150thcommemorative coins.

Adult Division

1st Place - "Kansas Clouds" by Maria Ctibor

2nd Place - "Windmill Farm" by Nancy Luttrell

3rd Place - "Rubber Neckin" by Therese Cabell

Honorable Mention - "Shady Tunnel" by Amy Hermann

Honorable Mention - "Moran High Rise" by Elizabeth Corbett

Youth Division

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
1st Place - Katrina Holmes (1st Grade, Pleasantview Elementary)

2nd Place - Asher Awari (1st Grade, Winteer Elementary)

3rd Place - Berkeley Smith (Kindergarten, Tanglewood Elementary)

3rd - 5th Grade
1st Place - Charlie Ayala (5th grade, Derby Hills Elementary)

2nd Place - Amanda Chum (4th grade, Cooper Elementary)

3rd Place - Abbey Welk (4th grade, Derby Hills Elementary)

6th - 8th Grade

1st Place - Lappear Chum (6th grade, Derby Middle School)

2nd Place - Maya Reyes (6th grade, Derby Middle Schoo)

3rd Place - Josh Jenks (7th grade, Derby Middle Schoo)

9th-12th Place

1st Place - Alyssa Lai (9th grade, Derby High School)

2nd Place - River Cross (11th grade, Derby High School)

3rd Place - Shannon Tunnel (12th grade, Derby High School)

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