Derby Schools through 1953


Derby Schools through 1953

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Derby School <br /><br />
circa 1890
This is the second school building for Derby but the first one built on the current site of the Derby Historical Museum. The two story wood frame structure cost $2,600 when it was built in 1886 and was later destroyed by a tornado or wind storm in…

Derby School class<br /><br />
circa early 1890s
Lower Row (sitting): 1. unknown, 2. Earl Austin, 3. Hal Stafford, 4. Jonnie Hadley, 5. Arthur Hamilton, 6. Willie McNeill, 7. Barney Hogan, 8. Archie Wardell, 9. John Seneger, 10. Bayard Braden

Second Row (sitting): 1. unknown, 2. Louise Gerteis,…

Derby School Classroom<br /><br />
Feb. 24, 1899
A glimpse inside the Derby school on Feb. 24, 1899. The teacher was J. W. Swaney. If you look close at the chalkboard, the class was learning about the sense of smell.

This school building was destroyed in in 1903 by a tornado.

Derby School Class<br /><br />
circa 1890s
A Derby School class in the 1890s outside the second schoolhouse for Derby, located at the current site of the Derby Historical Museum.

Derby School Class<br /><br />
circa 1890s
The students of the "school on the hill" in the 1890s.

Seventh Grade Class<br /><br />
circa 1910
Seventh grade class for the Derby School District #6
circa 1910

Professor J. W. Swaney is on the far left.
Floyd Troy is marked with the X on the left and Howard Troy with the X on the right.

Derby School<br /><br />
Class of 1912
Derby School Class of 1912

Left to right: Anna Costin, John Yungmeyer, Esther Shockey, Marie Dixon, Maurice Waugh, Vera Foley, Walter Schwartz, Nellie England, and Maude Miller

Not pictured: Verne Jones

Derby School<br /><br />
circa 1909
Derby School

Back of postcard:

postmarked Derby Kansas Aug. 20 1909 5pm

On the left side:

This is the Derby high school. Robert is not at home so we will not yet get to see him. Clarence has grown to be quite a boy. Took all of their…

Derby School<br /><br />
circa 1917
The school building was the first brick building in Derby and cost $15,000 to build. The new building only lasted six years before a fire gutted it in May 1923.

The previous building was torn down after a violent storm severely damaged it in…
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