Items from El Paso and Vicinity (Jan. 29, 1879)

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Items from El Paso and Vicinity (Jan. 29, 1879)


Wichita Weekly Beacon


Wichita Weekly Beacon
Wichita, KS
Jan. 29, 1879
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Items from El Paso and Vicinity.


Mrs. Hiram Henderson died and was buried this week.

We learned from Dr. J. Berger, of Rockford, on Monday last, that Mr. Thos. Barnes is in a very low state. He is down with the erysipelas in his leg.

The general health of El Paso and Vicinity was never better than now.

By reason of good health, quinme is not a staple article, hence Dr. Tucker has a right to complain.

The sexton of the El Paso cemetery, Mr. Jno. Goodacre, on last Tuesday, took up the remains of Mrs. Romig, mother of Mrs. H. C. Tucker, and they were buried on the Doctor’s lot in the cemetery. They were in the very best state of preservation.

We understand Professor Mahin’s term of school, in El Paso, will end in four weeks, as the district has not money enough to continue the term.

We are compelled to give up the Professor, unless he concludes to remain with us and read and practice law, which is to be his future occupation we understand.

Wheat is still going to the market, and fat hogs by the hundreds, through this place daily, as we learn that prices are up.

If we are allowed to comment on the above, we will say that $3 per hundred for hogs, is no more than what a farmer should have, it being only a fair compensation, and in reality fat hogs always were worth $3 per hundred. But we believe the swine merchants have had a pool from headquarters down, the same as is the case in the wheat market.

Master Geo. W. Huffbauer will deliver the Centennial address at the closing exhibition of the school, and also, perhaps, at the Lyceum.


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