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1627 Sam & Tillie Austin, Roy & Allie Sargeant, Albert & Inez Glaser, Paul & Emma Glaser early 1920s Austin family.jpg
The children of Conrad and Mary Glaser with their spouses. Left to right: Sam Austin, Tillie (Glaser) Austin, Allie (Glaser) Sargeant, Roy Sargeant, Inez (Gick) Glaser, Albert Glaser, Emma (Jones) Glaser, and Paul Glaser.

507 Glaser family early 1920s MAUMC.jpg
Conrad and Mary Glaser with their grown children behind them (left to right): Paul, Albert, Tillie, and Alice in the early 1920s.

1062 Conrad Glaser house 1915 Mildred Gasaway.jpg
Conrad Glaser's house was located west of Derby. This was originally the house of Conrad's father Adam Glaser and Conrad's son Albert later inherited it.

Pictured (not in order):

Kate Russell, Allie Sargeant, Tillie Glaser, Harry Russell, Roy…

894 Picnic Glasers 1918 Alma Baker.jpg
A picnic in 1918

Left to right:

Albert Glaser, wife Inez Glaser, unknown couple, in front of the couple is Ina Sargeant, Marie Sargeant, Roy Sargeant, and in front of Roy is Charles Sargeant.

501 Glaser family about 1915 MAUMC - Mary Judd.jpg
At Grandma & Grandpa Glaser's home on farm west of Derby.

Standing - Allie Sargeant

In Uncle Paul's car -
front seat - Paul Glaser and Albert Glaser
back seat - Ed Thoman (holding on to Ina Sargeant) and Roy Sargeant

Standing - Aunt Ora…
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