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57 Odas and Kenneth Austin Toy Tractor 1936 Maurine Holt.jpg
Brothers Odas and Kenneth Austin with their toy tractor in 1936 at the Austin’s house.

56A Maurine and Opal on Kay Street  1932 Maurine Holt.jpg
Maurine Mohr and her cousin Opal Stewart with a birthday cake in Maurine’s front yard located then on K-15 but now is Kay Street in 1932. Their house looked over at the Austin family’s place.

1632 Sam Sr hold Kenneth and Tillie holding Odas possibly 1929 Austin Family.jpg
Sam Austin Sr. and wife Tillie holding two of their grandkids Kenneth Austin and Odas Austin.

1615 Audine 4th from L top row (4th or 5th gr) 1928 or 1929 Austin family.jpg
Mary Audine Austin is in the top row 4th from the left. This is either 4th or 5th grade at Derby School in 1928 or 1929.

1627 Sam & Tillie Austin, Roy & Allie Sargeant, Albert & Inez Glaser, Paul & Emma Glaser early 1920s Austin family.jpg
The children of Conrad and Mary Glaser with their spouses. Left to right: Sam Austin, Tillie (Glaser) Austin, Allie (Glaser) Sargeant, Roy Sargeant, Inez (Gick) Glaser, Albert Glaser, Emma (Jones) Glaser, and Paul Glaser.
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