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14A Derby High School 1920s Butch Ewing.jpg
The school building was the first brick building in Derby and cost $15,000 to build. The new building only lasted six years before a fire gutted it in May 1923.

The previous building was torn down after a violent storm severely damaged it in…

263 Derby Boys Baseball Team 1911 Myron Schwartz.jpg
Walter Schwartz, the father of Myron Schwartz and Evelyn Schwartz Kersting, was on the team.

Back row (left to right): Oscar Yungmeyer, Floyd Duke, Thomas Frey, and Earl Duke

Middle row (left to right): Harold Miller, John Yungmeyer, and…

262 Derby Girls Basketball Team 1911 Myron Schwartz.jpg
This was the first year photos were taken for a yearbook. Myron Schwartz and Evelyn Schwartz Kersting's mother Anna Weston Schwartz was on the team.

Left to Right: Miss Campbell, Miss Frank, Anna Costin, Anna Weston, Vera Somers, Juanita Shields,…

84 School Building 3rd one 1920s Tony Gonzalez.jpg
The building was built in March of 1924 and served as elementary and high school through spring of 1952. Currently (2021) the Derby Historical Museum is housed in the building.

129 1911 Derby Track Team Evelyn Kersting.jpg
The 1911 Derby High School Yearbook shows a photo of 12 while Evelyn's photo shows 8.

The yearbook lists 6 names (no particular order): Verne Jones, Maurice Waugh, Thomas Braden, Oscar Yungmeyer, Franklin Carlton, and Walter Schwartz.
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