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409 Sunday Evening Youth Supper 1928 Alma Baker.jpg
The Evangelical Church Sunday evening Youth Fellowship supper with the pastor Reverend Burr in 1928.

42 Evangelical Church 6 February 1927 Maurine Holt.jpg
The Evangelical church had a basement added to it. The picture was taken on February 6, 1927 with Maurine Mohr and an unknown female standing next to the church.

A tornado policy issued to the Salem Evangelical Church by J. J. Butterfield issued April 10, 1914 for $2,200.

205A EUB Church postcard 1910s Terri McDaniels.jpg
Evangelical Church with parsonage postcard
postmarked Apr. 8, 1910

On the back of the postcard:

Left side:

The measles are all up and out doors some. Carl is pretty dumpy yet and the little ones most awful cranky, but I guess they will…

206A EUB church postcard 1900s Terri McDaniels.jpg
Evangelical Church with parsonage postcard photo
circa 1900s
(photo taken around 1909 - parsonage was built 1909)

On back of postcard:

Left side:

This is the Evangelical Church and parsonage.

Right side:

Mrs. Ashenfelter

1977 Evangelical Church 1900s museum.jpg
The Evangelical Church in the early 1900s before the parsonage was built in 1909. This building was completed in 1904.

9A Evangelical Church 1900s Butch Ewing.jpg
Evangelical Church with parsonage postcard photo
circa 1900s
(photo taken in 1909 or later - parsonage was built 1909)

872 Evangelical Church Receipt April 18 1892 MAUMC (front and back).jpg
A receipt from Wardell and Swisher dated April 18, 1892 for $2.55 paid by Philip Yergler on Charles Nachtrieb's account

870 Evangelical Church Mission Society October 13 1890 MAUMC.jpg
William Yost sent a receipt of payment back to the Evangelical Church dated Oct. 13, 1890.
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