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1685 Baptist Church postmarked Sept 13 1911 Butch Ewing.jpg
Postcard of the Baptist Church postmarked Sept. 13, 1911

Left side of the back of the postcard:

Dear Chas.
We arrived OK.
Isa was in Wichita to meet us.
Margaret went to Udall will look for you Sat
With Love Erma

Right side of the back…

19A Derby High school Class 1925 Butch Ewing.jpg
From left to right:
Some of the names are misspelled and the corrected spelling is in parenthesis.

Fifth row (back row):
Murrell Ward '26; Murrell Mohr (Merle Mohr) '27; Everett Gass '26; Cecil Basset (Cecil Bassett) '27; Elgar Church '27;…

14A Derby High School 1920s Butch Ewing.jpg
The school building was the first brick building in Derby and cost $15,000 to build. The new building only lasted six years before a fire gutted it in May 1923.

The previous building was torn down after a violent storm severely damaged it in…

1683 Main Street Photo 1910s Butch Ewing.jpg
Main Street in Derby was actually Baltimore. This photo is looking north on Baltimore circa early 1910s.

Left side of the back of the first postcard:
Dear Margaret and all,
Am sending just a post card, am ashamed I haven’t written you but I have…

16A  Derby 7th Grade 1910 Butch Ewing (1).jpg
Seventh grade class for the Derby School District #6
circa 1910

Professor J. W. Swaney is on the far left.
Floyd Troy is marked with the X on the left and Howard Troy with the X on the right.

3A Presbyterian Church 1913 Butch Ewing.jpg
A postcard photo of the Presbyterian Church in Derby with a postmark of February 27, 1913.

1A Presbyterian Church 1911 Butch Ewing.jpg
Postcard photo of the Presbyterian Church in Derby with a postmark of November 20, 1911. The first building of the First Presbyterian Church was built in 1879 and remodeled in 1905. The original parsonage had been located at Washington and Buckner…

9A Evangelical Church 1900s Butch Ewing.jpg
Evangelical Church with parsonage postcard photo
circa 1900s
(photo taken in 1909 or later - parsonage was built 1909)

4A Arkansas River Bridge 1909 Butch Ewing.jpg
Written on the back

Left side:

Yes Walter W. is still at home now but he has a little better time than he use to he goes with the girls now. Answer soon.

Route 2 Box 31
Aug. 30 Derby Kans.

Thanks for pretty card. I am not at home now I…

3A Catholic Church Pre1910 Butch Ewing.jpg
Postcard photo of the catholic church in Derby, Kansas.

The postcard was mailed from Derby, Kansas in the early 1900s to

Miss Bess Carico
M S J College
Abilene, Kans

Written on the left hand side:

Will write soon -
How is…
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