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434 Paul and Nona Goodacre Schweitzer's kids and grandkids 1944 or 1945 Alma Baker.jpg
The children and grandchildren of Paul and Nona (Goodacre) Schweitzer at Linwood Park in Wichita, KS with Nona Schweitzer in 1944 or 1945.

Front row (left to right): Marie (Sargeant) Schweitzer holding daughter Alma Schweitzer, Herman Schweitzer…

405 Wayne Rippel and Jerry Lee Austin June 1949 Alma Baker.jpg
First cousins Wayne Rippel and Jerry Lee Austin at the Evangelical United Brethren Church in June 1949.

404 Letha Sargeant and Mary Glaser 1940s Alma Baker.jpg
Letha (Williams) Sargeant and Mary (Siegrist) Glaser in Derby in the 1940s. Letha and Charley Sargeant’s son Roy married Mary and Conrad Glaser’s daughter Alice (Allie).

893 Watermelons Glasers late 1920s Alma Baker.jpg
Members of the Glaser family eating watermelon eating watermelons at Conrad Glaser’s farm late 1920s.

892 Glasers 1920s Alma Baker.jpg
Members of the Glaser family in the 1920s.

890 School Class April 21 1922 Alma Baker.jpg
Rural school class (possibly Spring Creek School) with the photo dated April 21, 1922

Back of photo reads:

Blanch Schweizter
Miss Jones
April 21, 1922

Back row (left to right):
Edwin Shorey, Bernice Goodin English, Myrtle Parrish,…

409 Sunday Evening Youth Supper 1928 Alma Baker.jpg
The Evangelical Church Sunday evening Youth Fellowship supper with the pastor Reverend Burr in 1928.

894 Picnic Glasers 1918 Alma Baker.jpg
A picnic in 1918

Left to right:

Albert Glaser, wife Inez Glaser, unknown couple, in front of the couple is Ina Sargeant, Marie Sargeant, Roy Sargeant, and in front of Roy is Charles Sargeant.

Remembrance pamphlet of James Goodacre in February 1918

In Loving Remembrance
of our

James Goodacre
Born Dec. 28, 1832
Died Feb. 16, 1918
Age 85 yrs. 1 mo. 19 days

A precious one from us has gone.
A voice we loved is…
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