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1626 Austin family possibly late 1930s Austin family.jpg
The Austin family in the 1930s.

Front row (left to right): Odas Austin and unknown boy in overalls

Middle row (left to right): Kenneth Austin, unknown girl with doll, Beulah (Austin) Rippel, Audine (Austin) Finch, unknown man (maybe Harold…

690 Derby Post Office 1938 Museum.jpg
An interior view of the Derby Post Office located in what is now the VFW in 1938. Sarah Zoe Alley held the position of Postmaster or Postmistress from Oct. 1, 1937 - July 1, 1944.

Pictured (left to right): Beulah (Austin) Rippel, James Alley (in…

392 Beulah Austin John Siegrist Conrad Glaser Audine Austin 1921 Mary Judd.jpg
At Conrad Glaser’s house in Derby on the corner of Baltimore and Market (across the street from Gertie’s), Beulah Austin, John Siegrist, Conrad Glaser, and Audine Austin about 1921. John Siegrist was Mary (Siegrist) Glaser’s brother and Conrad…
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