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872 Evangelical Church Receipt April 18 1892 MAUMC (front and back).jpg
A receipt from Wardell and Swisher dated April 18, 1892 for $2.55 paid by Philip Yergler on Charles Nachtrieb's account

869 Evangelical Church Trustee paper January 8 1890 MAUMC.jpg
On Jan. 08, 1890 the trustees met at the house of Charles Nachtrieb, where they decided the officers for the next year.

856 edited Evangelical Church Receipt April 18 1892 MAUMC.jpg
A receipt dated April 18, 1892 written on H. C. Tucker’s letterhead. Mrs. Philip Yergler paid the account in full.

854 & 855 Evangelical Church Receipt October 18 1890 MAUMC.jpg
A receipt for $11.50 paid by Mrs. Phillip Yergler to H. C. Tucker dated October 18, 1890.


October 18 1890

Received of Mrs. Philip Yergler
Eleven 50/100 dollars
for Account of Oil & Paint Evangelical Parsonage

H. C. Tucker
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