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1972 Juanita Rogers cabinet card circa 1910 Inv. 23-080119 unknown donor museum.jpg
Juanita Rogers circa 1910. The photographer was Harry Pottenger. On the back is written Juanita Rodgers. Photographic print on cabinet card

1971 Cornelia Hall teacher at Vernon circa 1904 Inv. 23-080118 unknown donor museum.jpg
Cornelia Hall taught at Vernon School circa 1904. She later became Derby's first female superintendent in 1911 and stayed through 1914 before getting married and moving to Utah.

1906 unknown baby in an old fashioned dress cabinet card circa 1890s INV. 23-080117 unknown donor museum.jpg
Unknown baby dressed in an old fashioned baby dress, possibly a baptism gown. Written in blue ink across the top is “Old fashioned baby dress.” The photographer was Johnnie Bull and the studio was at 106 N. Main St. in Wichita, KS. Photographic print…

2039 Carl Schweitzer and Edwin Shorey - trip to Iowa circa 1933 Inv. 23-080095 unknown donor _ museum.jpg
Carl Schweitzer (left) and Edwin Shorey (right) on a trip to Iowa in 1933.
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