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503 Glaser family 1940s MAUMC - Mary Judd.jpg
Mary (Siegrist) Glaser is pictured with two granddaughters and two great-granddaughters in the 1940s

Left to Right: Betty Human, Mary Elizabeth Glaser, Mary (Siegrist) Glaser, Sharon Rippel (in front), and Mary Ella Glaser in the 1940s.

378 Derby School 1st 2nd and 5th grades 1944 Helen Parish.jpg
A combination of 1st, 2nd, and 5th grades in the Derby School for second semester in 1944. Helen Smith was in first grade and the 5th grade class was added into their class during second semester.

First row (left to right): Don Dyer, Delbert…

509 Glaser family maybe 1938 MAUMC - Mary Judd.jpg
The Glaser descendants around 1938. Back row was cut off in the photo.
Middle row: Charles Glaser, Wallace Glaser, James Roy Human, and Dale Human.
Front row: Betty Human, Mildred Human, Joan Glaser, Mary Ella Glaser, and Peggy Sargeant.
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