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1058 Guy Human Filling Station 1937 Mildred Gasaway.jpg
Guy Human delivered gas to the Independent Oil Company as well as worked there in 1937.

1056 Gertie Chamberlin Guy Human Filling Station 1937 Mildred Gasaway.jpg
Gertie Chamberlin and Guy Human at her filling station in 1937. The station was called the Independent Oil Company. She also had a cafe called Gertie's Cafe.. It was located at 131 N. Baltimore and was closed by Gertie around 1966. Guy was employed…

509 Glaser family maybe 1938 MAUMC - Mary Judd.jpg
The Glaser descendants around 1938. Back row was cut off in the photo.
Middle row: Charles Glaser, Wallace Glaser, James Roy Human, and Dale Human.
Front row: Betty Human, Mildred Human, Joan Glaser, Mary Ella Glaser, and Peggy Sargeant.

1064 Farewell Dinner 1907 Mildred Gasaway.jpg
Farewell dinner on Dec. 27, 1907 held at Roy and Allie Sargeant's house. This was the house the couple first lived in when they got married. Their children Ina, Marie, Charles, and Modesta were born in the house.

1062 Conrad Glaser house 1915 Mildred Gasaway.jpg
Conrad Glaser's house was located west of Derby. This was originally the house of Conrad's father Adam Glaser and Conrad's son Albert later inherited it.

Pictured (not in order):

Kate Russell, Allie Sargeant, Tillie Glaser, Harry Russell, Roy…
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