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417A Flood May 1944 Godwin Sisters.jpg
Ina Godwin holding granddaughter Cheryl Godwin while sitting on the washed out bridge on May 1, 1944.

411A Curly Godwin wedding day Feb 1943 Godwin Sisters.jpg
The wedding day of Eugene "Curly" Godwin and Nema Brown in February 1943. Curly's mother Ina Godwin is standing with them.

407A Godwin Family 1930s Godwin Sisters.jpg
The Godwin family grew up on a farm west of Derby. Most of the family has remained in the area. The photo shows Leslie Godwin on the left and Ina Godwin on the right with all nine of their children (not in photo order): Roy, Maxine, Eugene…

410A  Lesie and Ina Godwin 1920s Godwin Sisters.jpg
Leslie and Ina (Somers) Godwin in the 1920s. They were high school sweethearts.
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