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411A Curly Godwin wedding day Feb 1943 Godwin Sisters.jpg
The wedding day of Eugene "Curly" Godwin and Nema Brown in February 1943. Curly's mother Ina Godwin is standing with them.

9 John Lauber and Juanita Riley 28 March 1943 Mary Dameron.jpg
John Lauber and Juanita Riley moved into the Lauber family house after they married on March 28, 1943. Their children, Mary and John Jr., grew up in the house.

4 Albert Lauber and Marie Metzger 22 September 1907 Mary Dameron.jpg
Albert Lauber and Theresa Marie Metzger came to America from Germany. They entered through Ellis Island and were married there on September 22, 1907.

Albert came to the United States with Fred Gerteis and established residence in Derby in 1900. He…
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