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136 Maurine Mohr and Mary Lauber 1945 Maurine Holt.jpg
Maurine Mohr with toddler Mary Lauber at the Lauber farm in 1945.

118 Hanna Almon 1945 Mary Dameron.jpg
Rev. Hanna L. Almon came to Derby in August of 1945 with her husband Rev. Clarence E. Almon. He was invited to be the minister for the Presbyterian Church for three years. She took over when he became seriously ill in December of 1945. Hanna served…

14 Mary Lauber and cousin Mary Sue Hiskey in bathtub 1947 Mary Dameron.jpg
Mary Lauber and her cousin Mary Sue Hiskey in the bathtub in 1947. Mary Lauber's parents were John Lauber Sr. and Juanita Riley. Mary Sue Hiskey's parents were Marshall Hiskey and Olga Lauber. John and Olga were siblings.

9 John Lauber and Juanita Riley 28 March 1943 Mary Dameron.jpg
John Lauber and Juanita Riley moved into the Lauber family house after they married on March 28, 1943. Their children, Mary and John Jr., grew up in the house.

13 John Lauber in an outhouse 1930s Mary Dameron.jpg
John Lauber posing in the outhouse on the Lauber farm in the 1930s.

10 John Lauber 1930s Mary Dameron.jpg
Posing with his 1929 Model A in the 1930s, John Lauber was a pharmacist in Deerfield for many years and came back to Derby to take care of his elderly parents.

1949 Bank at Derby 1917 Museum.jpg
The Farmers and Merchants State Bank was opened in 1907 and in this building 1916-1955.


Left side of postcard:

Jan. 26 - 17

Dear Grace and David,

Rec’d your letter this morning

We are all O.K. I have got a touch of sick…

4 Albert Lauber and Marie Metzger 22 September 1907 Mary Dameron.jpg
Albert Lauber and Theresa Marie Metzger came to America from Germany. They entered through Ellis Island and were married there on September 22, 1907.

Albert came to the United States with Fred Gerteis and established residence in Derby in 1900. He…

2 Gerteis-Lauber home 1909 Mary Dameron.jpg
Fred Gerteis built this home in 1874 and in 1909 Albert and Marie Lauber moved in. Marie Lauber and son John are standing in front of the house in 1909.

The Gerteis-Lauber home had three addresses during its lifetime (1874 - 1972): RR #2 (Rural…
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