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145 Combine 1942 Maurine Holt.jpg
Lela (Williams) Mohr, Harold Mohr, Merle Mohr, and Maymie Mohr, Merle’s daughter, around the Mohr’s combine in 1942.

138 New Bridge 1946 Maurine Holt.jpg
Maurine Mohr went down during the noon hour of school and sat on the new bridge completed in 1946. This bridge replaced the one damaged from flooding in 1944.

137 Eldon Morti baseball April 14 1942 Maurine Holt.jpg
Eldon Morti playing baseball on the school grounds on April 14, 1942. The upper grade school played baseball in the corner of the area of the current location of the bus barn directly across the street on Market from the school, which is now the…

136 Maurine Mohr and Mary Lauber 1945 Maurine Holt.jpg
Maurine Mohr with toddler Mary Lauber at the Lauber farm in 1945.

52A Derby School Bus 1940s Maurine Holt.jpg
Frank Simonsen was the bus driver for the Derby School bus in the 1940s.

41 Derby bridge down 1944 Maurine Holt.jpg
On April 25, 1944 one 15-foot section of the bridge broke and washed away due to the flooding water. Then on April 26, 1944 the rest of the bridge collapsed into the Arkansas River. The 375 foot long bridge was originally built in 1900 of wood…

1717 Derby Grade School Class possibly 1934-1935 Ivan Pendell.jpg
A Derby Grade School class from 1934 - 1935

Front row (left to right): Two girls on the left are Elaine Pendell, Peggy Rosenstiel and Edwin Ellis is the fourth child from the left.

Middle row (left to right): Teacher Miss LaVerne Riblet with…

278 Mohr family's new Hudson 1930s Maurine Holt.jpg
The new Hudson for the Mohr family. It was purchased and the check cashed right before the banks closed due to the Depression.
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