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107 Womens Basketball Team 1933 Debbie Avenell.jpg
The 1933 Derby High School Women's Basketball Team

Front row (left to right): Mary Trickey, Florence Hunter, Mary Anna Costin, Barbara Costin, and Eileen Nelson.

Back row (left to right): Isal Jane Sawin, Louise Bowman, Jessie Rich, Corrine…

105 Derby Mens Basketball Team 1933 Debbie Avenell.jpg
The 1933 Derby Men's Basketball Team

Front row (left to right): Charles Simonsen (Class of 1934), James Hamilton (Class of 1933), Coach Marshall Hiskey, James Mahoney (Class of 1934), and Robert Hamilton (Class of 1933)

Back row (left to…

98 Skip Day Seniors 1934 Debbie Avenell.jpg
The Class of 1934 decided to visit Winfield for their Senior Skip Day in 1934. The entire class including the teacher Olga Lauber (far right) and Coach Marshall Hiskey (in the back on the far right) went to visit Hazel Hall, the older sister of Mary…

371 Derby Class 1923 Helen Parish.jpg
Derby High School Students
Class of 1923

May 20, 1923 issue of the Wichita Eagle lists the following names:

Archie Booth, Lloyd Casement, Robert Dunshee, Ruth Frey, Howard Jones, Mildred Larimer, Thelma Larimer, Alice Shockey, Frances…

141 Junior Senior Banquet 1924 Maurine Holt.jpg
The junior class of Derby High School after the Derby Junior-Senior Banquet in 1924. The juniors prepared and served the food to the seniors.

Back row:

Harry Summers (3rd from left), Arthur Owen (5th from left), Mary Sue Williams (8th from…

139 Harry Summers and Arthur Owen 1924 Maurine Holt.jpg
Harry Summers and Arthur Owen helping at the Junior-Senior Banquet for Derby High School around 1924. During the Junior-Senior banquets, the juniors would prepare and serve the food to the seniors.

19A Derby High school Class 1925 Butch Ewing.jpg
From left to right:
Some of the names are misspelled and the corrected spelling is in parenthesis.

Fifth row (back row):
Murrell Ward '26; Murrell Mohr (Merle Mohr) '27; Everett Gass '26; Cecil Basset (Cecil Bassett) '27; Elgar Church '27;…
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