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282 Mohr Brothers and their wives 1910s Maruine Holt.jpg
The Mohr brothers and their wives in the 1910s.

Left to right: Blanche and Simon Mohr; Ola and Bert Mohr; and Mayme and Chris Mohr

281 Mohr Brothers 1910s Maruine Holt .jpg
The Mohr brothers in the 1910s

Left to right: Albertus "Bert" Mohr, Chris Mohr, and Simon Mohr

285 Christian Mohr family 1890s Maurine Holt.jpg
Christian Mohr and his wife Mary moved from El Paso, Illinois to El Paso, Kansas in the early 1880s.

Back row: Christian "Chris" Mohr, Mary (Horn) Mohr, Katherine "Katie" (Mohr) Pond, and Albertus "Bert or Bertie" Mohr.

Front row: Evangeline…
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