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136 Maurine Mohr and Mary Lauber 1945 Maurine Holt.jpg
Maurine Mohr with toddler Mary Lauber at the Lauber farm in 1945.

394 Mary Glaser and brother Charles Glaser 1939 Mary Judd.jpg
Siblings Mary and Charles Glaser sitting the on the family's 1928 Model "A" Ford in 1939.

126A William and Benjamin with new car 1930s Beverly Coover.jpg
William Hamilton and his father Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Hamilton, Sr with a new car in 1935.

153 1916 Hudson postcard photo Maurine Holt.jpg
1916 Hudson automobile owned by Chris Mohr

Back of the postcard (left side):

Wish you a Marry Xmas & a Happy New Year -
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simonsen
R. #1

(right side):

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mohr
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