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137 Eldon Morti baseball April 14 1942 Maurine Holt.jpg
Eldon Morti playing baseball on the school grounds on April 14, 1942. The upper grade school played baseball in the corner of the area of the current location of the bus barn directly across the street on Market from the school, which is now the…

263 Derby Boys Baseball Team 1911 Myron Schwartz.jpg
Walter Schwartz, the father of Myron Schwartz and Evelyn Schwartz Kersting, was on the team.

Back row (left to right): Oscar Yungmeyer, Floyd Duke, Thomas Frey, and Earl Duke

Middle row (left to right): Harold Miller, John Yungmeyer, and…

Garrett Homestead.jpg
Alexander and Margaret (Dickson) Garrett were the first settlers to put down roots in what was first El Paso and was renamed Derby, Kansas. In 1869, the area was considered Indian Territory (Osage Trust Lands) and had many transient traders, trappers…
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