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138 New Bridge 1946 Maurine Holt.jpg
Maurine Mohr went down during the noon hour of school and sat on the new bridge completed in 1946. This bridge replaced the one damaged from flooding in 1944.

41 Derby bridge down 1944 Maurine Holt.jpg
On April 25, 1944 one 15-foot section of the bridge broke and washed away due to the flooding water. Then on April 26, 1944 the rest of the bridge collapsed into the Arkansas River. The 375 foot long bridge was originally built in 1900 of wood…

97 Arkansas River flooding Oaklawn Field 1917 Debbie Avenell.jpg
The flooding of the Arkansas River onto the Oaklawn Field in 1917.

96 Helping Harvest at River 1917 Debbie Avenell.jpg
Harvest time near the Arkansas River in 1917 on the Carlton farm (located in what is now Oaklawn).

4A Arkansas River Bridge 1909 Butch Ewing.jpg
Written on the back

Left side:

Yes Walter W. is still at home now but he has a little better time than he use to he goes with the girls now. Answer soon.

Route 2 Box 31
Aug. 30 Derby Kans.

Thanks for pretty card. I am not at home now I…

29 Bridge with person in coveralls postcard photo 1908 Maurine Holt.jpg
A postcard photo of the bridge over the Arkansas River near Derby, Kansas. A boy in coveralls is standing on the bridge.
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