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291 wheat threshing machine late 1940s Greg Rau.jpg
A wheat threshing machine on Roman Rau’s farm in the late 1940s

288 Roman Rau on haywagon with horses late 1930s Greg Rau.jpg
Roman Rau standing on top of a horse-drawn wagon full of hay on his farm in the late 1930s.

57A Maurine pulling wagon 1934 Maurine Holt.jpg
Maurine Mohr is pulling an unknown child in a wagon at her family home on 87th St in 1934. Her dad’s Model T and the playhouse handmade by her father are in the background.

1424 Edwin Shorey and parents 1924 Betty Nulik.jpg
Edwin Shorey and his parents William and Alice (Rutledge) Shorey around 1924 on the Shorey farm at 55th St and Greenwich. The farm had been in the family since the early 1900s and Edwin’s wife Mabel sold it in 1984.

381A Wilbur Shinn on horse and buggy 1915 Wehrman.jpg
Wilbur Shinn with horses and a wagon on his homestead in November 1915.

380A Wilbur Shinn homstead 1915 Wehrman.jpg
The homestead of Wilbur Shinn in November 1915.

349 Mohr farm March 1913 Maurine Holt.jpg
After 1911 Chris Mohr purchased a farm located on 87th Street and moved from the farm on 95th Street.

96 Helping Harvest at River 1917 Debbie Avenell.jpg
Harvest time near the Arkansas River in 1917 on the Carlton farm (located in what is now Oaklawn).
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