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387A Bessie & Claude Wehrman Oct 1922 Wehrman .jpg
Claude and Bessie (Shinn) Wehrman in October 1922.

403A Star School Wehrman.jpg
Students of Star School on the last day of school June 4, 1915.

386A Springcreek School March 1917 Wehrman.jpg
Students at Spring Creek school around March 1917

383A Kate Wardell September 1917 Wehrman.jpg
Kate Wardell just before she left for Missouri in September 1917.

381A Wilbur Shinn on horse and buggy 1915 Wehrman.jpg
Wilbur Shinn with horses and a wagon on his homestead in November 1915.

380A Wilbur Shinn homstead 1915 Wehrman.jpg
The homestead of Wilbur Shinn in November 1915.
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