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507 Glaser family early 1920s MAUMC.jpg
Conrad and Mary Glaser with their grown children behind them (left to right): Paul, Albert, Tillie, and Alice in the early 1920s.

404 Letha Sargeant and Mary Glaser 1940s Alma Baker.jpg
Letha (Williams) Sargeant and Mary (Siegrist) Glaser in Derby in the 1940s. Letha and Charley Sargeant’s son Roy married Mary and Conrad Glaser’s daughter Alice (Allie).

503 Glaser family 1940s MAUMC - Mary Judd.jpg
Mary (Siegrist) Glaser is pictured with two granddaughters and two great-granddaughters in the 1940s

Left to Right: Betty Human, Mary Elizabeth Glaser, Mary (Siegrist) Glaser, Sharon Rippel (in front), and Mary Ella Glaser in the 1940s.
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