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2017-current Heather Bohaty Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources 2009-2017 Principal Cooper Elementary 2000-2009 Teacher Derby Middle School 1996-2000.JPG
Teacher Derby Middle School 1996-2000
Principal Cooper Elementary 2000-2009
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources 2009-2017
Superintendent of Schools 2017-current

1984-1989 Charles W. Hubbard Superintendent Central Office Administrator 1968-1984 Elementary Principal 1956-1962 Teacher 1952-1956.JPG
Teacher 1952-1956
Elementary Principal 1956-1962
Central Office Administrator 1968-1984
Superintendent 1984-1989

Click here to read a biography about J. W. Swaney by the Derby Historical Society and Museum.
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