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865 Evangelical Church County Treasurer Paper August 17 1887 MAUMC.jpg
The Evangelical Church parsonage was built on lots 84 and 85 of Georgie Avenue.

On pages 11 and 12 of the Madison Avenue United Methodist Church 1868-1968 history, "the trustees of the church bought two lots from the El Paso town company July 2,…

Untitled-1 copy.jpg
Front of the postcard is addressed to:

Rev. H. S. Bower
Derby Kan.

Back of the postcard:

Dear Rev. Bower

I herewith thankfully acknowledge the receipt of $12 int. due on Derby Church Sep 15th (18) 87.

W. Yost

Jan. 3 (18)88

852 Evangelical Church Coal Receipt November 14 1889 MAUMC 2-in-1.jpg
1889 receipt for one ton of coal purchased by the Evangelical Church from the Derby Lumber Company for $7.50

The signer of the receipt is C. Nachtrieb.

216 Alexander Garrett wedding photo Sept 1866 (Old Cowtown) Jerry Burnell.jpg
Alexander Garrett and family came to Rockford Township from Ottaway County, Kansas in March 1869 and homesteaded on 160 acres of land on Spring Creek. They lived in a dugout on the creek until their house was built. His family later purchased more…
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