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274 Chris and Viola Mohr Home 1940s Maurine Holt.jpg
The house of Chris and Viola Mohr in the 1940s located on Route 1.

276 Chris and Harold Mohr 1920s Maurine Holt.jpg
Chris Mohr (in the wagon) and Harold Mohr (in the loft) in the 1920s. The barn had three grain rooms. The center room was hidden until the grain was used in the outer rooms.

275 Mohr Barn 1920s Maurine Holt.jpg
The barn on the Mohr homestead was built using some of the lumber from the Derby School destroyed in 1903 by a tornado. The picture was dated in the 1920s.

255 New Cherry house 1920 Genev Reed.jpg
The new house built on the Cherry family farm in 1920.

254 Front porch of new house 1920 Genev Reed.jpg
The Cherry family on the front porch of their new house in 1920. Back row (left to right): Lyle and Laura Cherry; Front row (left to right): Kenneth and Arlene Cherry.

1062 Conrad Glaser house 1915 Mildred Gasaway.jpg
Conrad Glaser's house was located west of Derby. This was originally the house of Conrad's father Adam Glaser and Conrad's son Albert later inherited it.

Pictured (not in order):

Kate Russell, Allie Sargeant, Tillie Glaser, Harry Russell, Roy…

381A Wilbur Shinn on horse and buggy 1915 Wehrman.jpg
Wilbur Shinn with horses and a wagon on his homestead in November 1915.

380A Wilbur Shinn homstead 1915 Wehrman.jpg
The homestead of Wilbur Shinn in November 1915.

349 Mohr farm March 1913 Maurine Holt.jpg
After 1911 Chris Mohr purchased a farm located on 87th Street and moved from the farm on 95th Street.
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