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44 Harold and Lela Mohr in front of farmhouse 1938 Maurine Holt.jpg
Harold and Lela Mohr before church standing in front of their farmhouse in 1938.

374 Smith family about 1922 Helen Parish.jpg
O. H. P. Smith's family standing in front of their farmhouse located at the northeast corner of Madison and Derby Street around 1922

Left to right:

Beatrice Smith, O. H. P. Smith, Marion Smith, Alice (Morrison) Smith, and Robert Smith

108 Craig House 1893 Debbie Avenell.jpg
The Craig house pictured in 1893 was located on Clifton north of 47th St, where the Oaklawn Learning Center is. The house burned down after standing for over 100 years.

Pictured (left to right): Major Turpin, Lilly Craig, Maude Pearl Craig, Mary…

104 Charles Carlton House 1899 Debbie Avenell.jpg
Charles Carlton’s house pictured in 1899 located on the southwest corner of 55th and Oliver. Pictured (left to right): a hired hand, Carrie Hotspillar Carlton, Franklin Carlton, Opal Carlton, and Charles Carlton.

The Carlton family came to Derby in 1871 and built a house located on Oliver between 47th and 55th on the west side. The family is pictured in 1894 (left to right): Lucinda Blevins Carlton (in the background), Franklin S. Carlton, Lilly Belle Craig,…
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